You Can Buy Everything Olivia Palermo Packed For PFW (Except Her BF)

You know we're always interested to see what editors and style stars pack when they come to New York Fashion Week. But we also love knowing what New Yorkers pack when they head into the great, unknown world that we're told exists somewhere beyond Manhattan. Enter, Olivia Palermo, the perfect person to show us how it's done.
For her recent trip to Paris Fashion Week, she threw in some Topshop, some Giambattista, and oh, her smokeshow boyfriend, Johannes Huebl. Peep how adorable the two are, twirling around a park their black-tie-optional wares when they're not tied up getting snapped by street style photogs. The best part of this Lifestyle Mirror editorial? If you're digging anything (like... anything, including the pillowcases), in the photos, they're immediately shoppable, for your convenience. But sorry buds, Johannes isn't for sale. (Lifestyle Mirror)

Photo: Via Lifestyle Mirror