We Have The Exclusive First Look At Olive & June’s Most Unexpected Collab Yet

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Beauty collabs aren't new, especially when it comes to nail brands. (Hello, Nails Inc x Velveeta?) However, leave it to Olive & June to take things to a whole new level with a first-of-its-kind partnership with none other than Beats. Yes, the Dr. Dre-founded, perennially of-the-moment culture-meets-tech brand that made headphones a veritable style accessory.
"The two brands embody self-expression in such an incredible way," Olive & June founder and CEO Sarah Gibson Tuttle exclusively tells Refinery29. "It was really important for us that if we were going to do a foray into tech — and [Beats] were going to do a foray into beauty — that it be something incredibly special and really representative of what each brand stands for." Mission accomplished: Just in time for a back-to-cool refresh, Olive & June x Beats is here to deliver the sleekest, chicest manicures paired with two new colorways of Beats' wireless Studio Buds +.
"As anyone who follows me knows, I’ve been wearing Beats forever. I’m so particular about what nail color I’m wearing, my phone case…all the things in your world," Gibson Tuttle explains. "It really sets the mood when I sit in my airplane seat or if I’m taking a walk or whatever I’m doing I’m putting my Beats on." As she tells me, the two polishes have been custom-formulated for an exact match to the earbud cases, and this was no easy feat. "The inspiration [for the collection] was the tech itself," Gibson Tuttle explains. "Because of the unique composition of metallics, it was a uniquely exciting challenge to match colors across different materials: A piece of fabric to a nail polish, or in this case, a Beats case with polish."
In addition to the polishes, Olive & June x Beats will include five new press-on styles, plus the Beats Studio Buds+, which will be available to purchase from Keep scrolling for a first look at every product in the groovy lineup and shop the entire collection here.
"I’m always so inspired by how music transforms your world and how you feel — and it’s the same with a new manicure," Gibson Tuttle says. "Cosmic Silver is my ‘get stuff done’ playlist so it's gotta have serious range: Everything from Rihanna to Eminem to Becky G to T.I."
"Both brands care so deeply about product design, and infusing color into that product design," Gibson Tuttle adds. "Cosmic Pink would be my most danceable, belt out the lyrics playlist: Taylor Swift would headline and it would have to have some Dolly Parton, Selena Gomez, and Beyoncé in there as well."   
Olive & June x Beats isn't just primed to be the most bumpin' beauty collab of 2023; it was a chance for the brand to revisit rare finishes in some of its most popular products – case in point: These pale pink press-ons with a prismatic finish.
"Some of these finishes have not been done before," says Gibson Tuttle of the burnished finishes of Steel Velvet and the Metallic Matte French style below. (It's giving Beyoncé Renaissance, no?)
"When you think about music, there’s this movement," Gibson Tuttle says. "We wanted to make sure the designs weren’t so literal, but wanted people to feel it." These sound wave-inspired, delicate French tips certainly make the cut.
"Design for us isn’t necessarily a literal translation; it’s a translation of feeling you’ll have when you’re using our products," Gibson Tuttle explains. "It’s as important as the Beats lasting, the polish not chipping, the press-ons staying on — it’s about how it makes you feel."
Last but not least, are these psychedelic, metallic swirls in the two hero colors of the collection: Cosmic Pink and Cosmic Silver. "We started with little squares of plastic for each color, and were eventually able to create Cosmic Silver and Cosmic Pink, which are exact matches to the proprietary colors of the new metallic Beats Studio Buds," says Gibson Tuttle. "These incredible products take years to develop and innovate, and [we ask] how do you make them fun and full of expression?"

Studio Buds+ Cosmic Pink, $179.99

Beats' Studio Buds+ delivers the same crisp, high-quality audio experience you expect from Beats, but with the portability of true wireless earbuds. Each pair comes with multiple sizes of silicone tips to ensure maximum comfort, has noise-canceling capabilities, and lasts up to 36 hours with a fully-charged case. (That's a lot of music!)

Beats Studio Buds+ Cosmic Silver, $179.99

"'Mani mood' for us has been a core pillar of how we look at any collection we launch," Gibson Tuttle explains. "[Olive & June x Beats] leans a lot into the idea of 'mani mood': The connection between your mood, your manicure, what you’re listening to, the things that are on your body, to make it really tactile."
Olive & June x Beats launches September 6 at, and the Beats Studio Buds+ will be available online at starting September 6 and in-store September 7.
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