10 Beauty Products You Should Toss From Your Collection Before 2019

New makeup collections, skin-care products, and hair gadgets are being released faster than marriage licenses in Hollywood. And the constant spending we do in the beauty aisle doesn’t just take a toll on our budgets, it also crowds our bathroom cabinets and vanities with an abundance of products. Seriously, the A&E producers could do a special edition of Hoarders in our apartment — it's that bad.
But it's so hard to let go of the products that we fell madly in love with once upon a time, like the drugstore makeup wipes that have never failed to erase waterproof mascara or that blue nail polish that got us so many compliments way back in March. But it's time to get real: We could probably throw away a good chunk of what we own because it's either impractical, outdated, or just flat out unnecessary.
Besides, clearing out the cobwebs in our beauty stash makes room for new, innovative things. So, when you purge your products to make room for the 2019 newness, here are 10 things you should toss away — and fun alternatives to use instead.
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Swap: Fruity Body Sprays
Please, do our noses a favor and scrap those 5-for-1 body spritzes that you bought at the outlet mall. We're sending this product back to the '90s where it belongs.

For: Refreshing Cleansing Mists
Go for an on-the-go shower situation (without the water) instead. These do double duty by giving off a delicate scent while also cleansing the skin for an instant refresh. It's great for post-Pilates or right before happy hour.
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Swap: Wide-Tooth Comb
We know that wide-tooth combs are the pro pick for detangling curly and coily hair types, but it just doesn't cut it when you're trying to get fairy knots in line. Plus, your routine already has, like, 10 steps, so a tool that does double duty is just more practical.

For: Detangling Hairbrush
Purchase this innovative detangler that clears shed hair from the thickest Afro and creates curl definition in the process. Plus it has a click-on, click-off cover to protect the bristles from dried product, oil, and bacteria.
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Swap: Shower Poufs
It's time to part ways with your old-school shower loofah. It's a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. So is it really getting you that clean?

For: Luv Scrub
Meet the Luv Scrub (if you haven't already), which is inspired by the founder's West African background. The tightly-woven mesh acts as an exfoliant, holds product better, and can be used for up to 18 months — since it's made of nylon it holds less bacteria. Your pouf has nothing on this.
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Swap: Your Collection Of Foundations, Color-Corrector, Concealers
With all the coverage products on the market, you probably have a tedious multi-step routine before you even get to your blush. We're talking concealer, foundation, color correctors, and setting powder. Listen, ain't nobody got time for that.

For: One Trusty Full-Coverage Foundation
What if you could finally rid yourself of the 5+ coverage products on your vanity to declutter your space for the New Year? It's all about finding an all-in-one product that will stay put like the Conceal + Perfect foundation from Milani. It tackles undereye circles, redness, and all-around skin coverage.
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Swap: Drying Clay Masks
Leave these crusty, over-drying masks in the past like you did with your high school S.O. And if you're still with your teenage sweetheart, we still suggest getting rid of these masks.

For: A Clay Mask That Doesn't Flake
Upgrade your masking with this purifying product that cools instead of drying out. Inspired by the cold plunge sauna experience, this mask (that goes on blue) will tackle your pores and condition skin, without leaving your face frozen in place.
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Swap: Elastics With Metal Clasps
This is old news, but hair ties with metal ends cause breakage by pulling out strands. That's why you see a slew of "metal-free" and "ouchless" elastics on the market.

For: Spiral-Shaped Hair Ties
One of our favorites is this hair ring that doesn't tangle or pull your hair thanks to its smooth surface and unique telephone cord shape. No more tug-of-war when pulling off your ponytail. The spiral also helps eliminate that weird indent if you're constantly switching between up and down 'dos.
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Swap: Makeup Remover Wipes
While trustworthy and lazy girl-friendly, it's time to let go of your tried-and-true makeup wipes. They're bad for the environment because they actually take years to break down in a landfill.

For: Reusable Makeup Remover Pads
You can easily become more eco-friendly and save yourself money with reusable, washable cleansing pads like these microfiber ones from Face Halo. All you do is wipe off your makeup with the cleansing pad and water, then throw it into your laundry load. And you can re-use it about 200 more times.
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Swap: The Face Scrubs You Used In Middle School
It's time to graduate from the scrub that you've stuck with since your prepubescent pimple days. The round beads can be harsh on your skin, scraping away at its surface and creating micro tears. And if there are microbeads in there... well, you're literally breaking the law.

For: A Chemical Exfoliant
Exfoliating toners can rid your face of dead skin cells without damaging the surface. And while you'd use physical exfoliators every 3-4 days, this option is much more gentle, so you can use it every day.
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Swap: Plain Ol' Conditioners
The secret to good hair? Not over-washing your tresses. If you wash your hair every 3-4 days (which experts suggest), you might as well treat yourself to a deep treatment. So, do you really even need a conditioner?

For: Hair Masks That Work
The answer is no. Instead, invest in a reliable, intense mask. The pros agree that this swap will make all the difference for coily, color-treated, and heat-damaged hair.
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Swap: Any & All Shaving Creams
Shaving creams are a thing of the past. If you can just use conditioner or soap when your shaving foam has run out, you don't really need it in the first place, am I right?

For: Coconut Oil
Instead, turn to multitaskers like this coconut melt that can be used as a shave oil, makeup remover, hair mask, massage oil — honestly, I could keep going. We're finally living up to the rules in The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, which has been sitting on our bookshelves for months. Yes, Marie Kondo, this do-it-all jar of coconut oil does bring us joy.

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