Meet Fashion’s New Favorite Show-It-Off Zone

When the heat becomes oppressive, it becomes harder to wear clothes, which is why we've become experts on "built-in" ventilation. Whether that's a healthy display of cleavage, leg, midriff, or back, we've developed skin-baring skills for the sake of shvitzing. And since fashion favors a new flavor of the week, this season's area to let free is the shoulder.
Unlike other body parts, the shoulder is something that hasn't been picked apart to death by women's magazines as something you should have anxiety over. There's no ideal shoulder. There's no "ugly" shoulder. There's no shoulder that looks better in a bikini body than another shoulder. That means, you probably have nothing but positive, lovely feelings about your own pair, which means that this trend should be especially fun to pull off. Click through to see five women who are already having a ball.

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