A New NYC Concept Store Sells Yachts, Chalets, And Caviar

Madison Avenue isn't known for inexpensive shopping, and the latest offering to the luxury strip, OC Concept Store, won't exactly lower the average price point. The letters don't refer to the Cali coast, or even the hit-show of the same name (though Summer would def be down for shopping here), but rather Swiss-born entrepreneur Orianne Collin's new temple to decadence—the 3,400 square foot boutique, primarily men's focused, carries an array of upper-end brands (Armani/Casa, Audemars Piguet, and Chopard), plus items custom-created for the store—think limited-edition helmets, candles, and even champagne. The interactive plays a major role too, with stations set up over the two-story space where you can do anything from build a yacht, buy a chalet, or design a whole-new skin regime. "I want this to feel sort of like a club," says Collins. "You don't have to buy anything, but you can come in, sit at the caviar bar, have a coffee or a drink." As much as we want a new vessel for St. Tropez (where, incidentally, there's an OC), we think we'll have to stick to an espresso.
655 Madison Avenue (at East 60th Street); 212-759-9220