5 Things To Know This AM — Nov 19 2010

Four Loko goes off the market on December 10th, so NYU kids are preparing for the apocalypse by stocking up now. You'll feel so cool when it's illegal... (Gothamist)
We know (le sigh) Snooki was famous, but we weren't that clued in to the fact that DJ Pauly D induces Beatlemania. However, we're willing to be proved wrong—indeed, the Jersey Shore star's car was mobbed at a Rhode Island campus. WTF? (Gawker)
We love cats, clearly. And so do these people. A lot. (Fashionista)
Zac Posen may soon be interning for Martha Stewart, sort of. (Page Six)
Queens residents are not so fond of the changing of the seasons. It seems the gingko trees in New Hyde Park has been dropping fruit that smells like vomit. (Gothamist)