The RIGHT Way To Do Cozy-Chic

New York City winters tend to get a bad rap. Sure, there are colder places — we're looking at you, Buffalo, Chicago, and Minneapolis — but nowhere else are you so acutely aware of just how much time you'll need to spend outside merely to get between your go-to spots. We get it: Leaving your comforter cave while icicles form outside your window on a Saturday morning is not too appealing.
But, with so many amazing and unique sights to see around the city, it'd be a total shame to skip out on it all to stay in bed this season. Besides, once you trade in your PJs for something a little more winter-proof, the payoff is pretty epic. Julia Anderson, Refinery29's director of brand experiences, can certainly attest to that. On her precious days off, Anderson makes a point of exploring her Greenpoint, Brooklyn neighborhood — taking coffee-warmed, early-morning strolls in the secluded McGolrick Park; brunching at the quaint, library-inspired Milk and Roses; uncovering hidden (and affordable) gems at Seven Wonders Vintage; and taking in surprisingly scenic views from the East River Ferry. Even if you're not an NYC resident, when has a savory brunch or a vintage haul ever let you down?
For Anderson, taking the all-important leap from cozy to cozy-chic requires some ace layering hacks and durable footwear options from Timberland. With nothing to slow her down, we invite you to catch a glimpse of Anderson's favorite local haunts that inspire her to brave the cold, and check out her transitional styling tips along the way. Now, lace up those boots and pull on a beanie — you've got some exploring to do.

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