NYC Has Too Many Cupcakes, The Duchess Is Coming, And Ronaldo Is Pissed at Vanity Fair

High-end L.A. cupcake shop Sprinkles is moving into the old Gino's. Seriously, do we need one more place selling $10 cupcakes?! (Grub Street)

Sarah Ferguson aka the Duchess of York, is moving to NYC. Can she really afford it? (Gawker)
Cristiano Ronaldo, the world's highest paid soccer star, is pissed about his nearly nude Vanity Fair cover. Well, we weren't. (NY Post)
THe Observer is telling us that Brooklyn is trendy. Way to jump on the bandwagon, on, twenty years too late. (Gothamist)
Marc Jacobs isn't married. And he just got a hair transplant. Just FYI. (Huffington Post)

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