NYC Gets Rack(ed) Tomorrow, Courtesy Of Nordstrom

We're major fans of low-price shopping (cut to the major Gareth Pugh leggings we scored at the Century 21 last year), so we're more than thrilled to welcome another discount store to the NYC mix. Lucky for us, a 33,000 square foot Nordstrom Rack officially opens tomorrow in Union Square, with merch from regular Nordstrom stores for 50-60% off retail prices. Stylish steals can be found on over 25,000 pairs of shoes, 2,400 handbags, plus some crazy loot from high-end cosmetic brands. There's also an on-site tailor, and, lest you think it matches the ho-hum decor of other sale stores, there's a House of Diehl art installation in the lobby, with two larger-than-life string dresses made from the location's sartorial offerings. We're definitely getting Racked (among other things) this weekend!
60 East 14th Street (at Broadway);212-220-2080

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