5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 28 2011

Our obsession with Jersey Shore shows no signs of quitting—the season 3 finale delivered the show its highest-rated season finale ever. What will The Situation endorse next? (Perez Hilton)
Murray Hill wants to ban pub crawls. Try telling that to all the ex-frat boys turned I-Bankers in the hood. (Huffington Post)
In another setback for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Lights, Mayor Bloomberg dresses up as Spidey for a benefit dinner. If these pics of Spider-Mike don't discourage potential ticket-buyers...(Gothamist)
Adopt this dog! Family needs to give away their pooch because they are being threatened with eviction.(Fucked In Park Slope)
More puppy love! Peep these adorable photos from the Tompkins Square Park Dog Run. (EV Grieve)