The Best Worst Idea Ever: NYC Cupcake ATMs

Imagine the kind of damage you can do to your weekday diet regimen when tipsy pangs of hunger arise on a Saturday night. But, instead of reaching for a slice, you reach for a sweet, scrumptious, oh-so-good Sprinkles cupcake. Yes, NYC's getting its first batch of "cupcake automats."
Just as if you were grabbing some extra cash from the corner ATM, you'll now be able to swipe and savor fresh confections from 24/7 ACMs (automatic cupcake machines, if you will). Closing hours are obsolete. Batches are kept fresh daily. And, likely, lines will be as long as any velvet-rope entrance. While L.A. sampled the newest craze in cupcake vendors last week, three of the Sprinkles machines will soon head east, setting up a home by the midtown, downtown, and Upper West Side locations. Anyone's sweet tooth tingling?
These instant-cupcake-gratification machines make their way to the city this summer. We'll be waiting for them... probably, at the gym. (Gothamist)

Photo: Via Gothamist