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What New Yorkers Are Complaining About… Visualized!

We all know New Yorkers' biggest bitches — noise, traffic, ugly, ugly tourists, etc. But never before have we been able to visualize all that localized kvetching in a handy, illuminating format. Well, someone went and did it, folks — introducing the cleverly titled What Do New Yorkers Complain About Map. A compilation of three years of 311 calls — Lord bless the ones doing the compiling — the interactive map (which you can play with here) tracks three general whines: noise, graffiti, and litter. No surprise, Manhattan's biggest lament was racket, whereas the remaining four boroughs suffer from rampant litter issues (and folks in Queens just don't appreciate street art). Unfortunately, no tracking was included for smell complaints or aggregated griping about the difficulty of finding a nice, straight single guy. Maybe the next map? (Gothamist)

Image: Via Visualizing.org.