Here’s Where NYC Celebs Live (And How Much $$$ They Pay For Their Pad)

We've all seen those cheesy L.A. star maps, aka a printout map of where celebs live. Just like any Real Housewives franchise, we hate 'em (but secretly love 'em). So we were bummed—but pretended we weren't—that the Big Apple didn't have one. But, phew, some tabloid fanatics have finally made it happen. Ryan Gosling, be very, very afraid.
Yep, Rentenna just put together this a grid of celeb real estate (minus the addresses, creeps!) complete with details on the average rent in the surrounding area vs. the rent of the rich and famous.The downside? While actors always claim they move to NYC to be "normal," this infographic proves their apartments cost a boatload? Meaning no Us Weekly, they're not just like us. We can all be "slummin' it" in Brokelyn Brooklyn at a low (surprisingly high!) average of $3,200 for a 1 BR but Ed Westwick is paying several hundred dollars more for his sweet digs. Surprise, surprise. In the grand scheme of rent disparity, Derek Jeter scores the home run, paying $15,000 for a 2 BR in Midtown (Midtown averaging around $4,800 for rent)! But don't feel bad — that high-rise luxury building over there? You don't want it anyway.
Click through to see the leaders of gentrification, tipping the scales to new standards! (Huffington Post)

Photo: Via Huffington Post