5 Trainers To Whip You Into Shape

While we like to think that our only incentive for working out is to getting healthy, we all know that it's also those darned problem-areas that really motivate us to get off the couch. Whether your Achilles' heel is your arms, legs, abs, or glutes, we've compiled a lil' list of the City's choice trainers to not only get you feeling good, but also get those trouble spots on the straight and narrow. Although it might be a little bit of a splurge, we think signing up with one of these fitness-gurus is a small price to pay for peace of mind...and a bangin' body (bonus points: no cheating!). Give us a couple months, and we'll be ready to meet you for a weekend getaway in Miami—who's up for new Facebook profile pics??
Your new body is only a click away...scroll through to find your new best friend!

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