13 Beauty Lessons From The Streets Of NYC

Photographed by Cassidy Turner.
There are women who opt for born-like-this skin and a post-workout pony when walking out the door. Then, there are those who choose rainbow eyeliner and hair to match. Nothing against the bare necessities, but to the gals who wear the contents of their makeup bags on the reg: Thank you.
For what, you ask? For these 13 street style beauty snaps that prove bronze-goddess lids, unicorn-perfect hair, and teal cat-eyes can hold their own in a city that moves to a different beat, such as NYC. That didn't come as a surprise, though; the true shocker here was how easy the looks are to create once we talked with makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci. Click ahead for her tips on how to cop them with some key Maybelline products.
We promise, it's way easier to pull off these looks than it is to find a seat on the train during rush hour. You know what we're talking about.