New Yorkers Protest Court Ruling That Only City Of Newark Can Label Bagels "Bagels"

We live at Murray's. H&H is our jam. Tal Bagels? We're regulars. If you can't tell by our dining spots, this office is not afraid to admit that we're die-hard bagelheads. When that cream cheese hits our arteries, oh man, it's one smooth high. Poppy, sesame, cinnamon raisin...everything. Everything. Everything. Where can we score some everything?? Back to the point: We're joining in the protests that erupted today over Newark District Judge William Walls' ruling early this morning that states only the city of Newark has the right to call bagels "bagels." Starting as soon as next month, vendors around the country will have to come up with alternative names for our favorite round, carb-laden treat. While the dictionary amendment might not cause massive concern for national chains, local bagel sellers are already up in arms—the mob of Big Apple dough dealers outside of the courthouse vowed to fight the decision long and hard, even "all the way to the Supreme Court." Walls' courtroom deputy, Loretta McCall, "accosted" by reporters while walking to her car, had only this to say: "Due to mid-level talks with Israel that started before the decision, I am not authorized to comment on anything bagel related." So, what do you think we should rename bagels? Comment on this article with your suggestions below! (Eater)

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