5 Things To Know This AM — Nov 05 2010

A big concern among runners in the NYC Marathon? Not being able to update their Facebook page. We're serious. (New York Daily News)
Dan Taylor's 'Notes From The Inside' waves goodbye to New York on Saturday, so it's your last chance to visit the Pandemic Gallery and see the awe-inspiring exhibition. (Animal)
Joel McHale went on the the fourth hour of The Today Show, and surprise, surprise, he makes fun of Kathy and Hoda. What were they thinking? (Gawker)
Subway fares keep getting higher, and now taxi drivers want in on the wealth. Yellow cab fleet owners want a 19% rate increase, meaning a 5 mile cab ride would go from $12 to $15. When are they going to start charging us for walking? (Gothamist)
For all you crotch-shot lovers, Butt's latest issue has endless snaps of closeups of men's packages bicycle seats. Not for the squeamish. (this is fyf)