NY Hot Spot Matsuri Throws A Japanese Penis Party (Really)

This year, New York sushi restaurant Matsuri is bringing an Eastern tradition to the Big Apple for the first time. The Tribeca joint will be honoring Japanese city Kawasaki's Penis Festival, a sort of block-party-cum-fertility-rite (pun intended) where natives pay tribute to all things phallic. While the restaurant won't have penis-carving contests, they will offer edible sweetmeat manhood replicas on their one-night-only Penis Matsuri menu, appropriately planned for April Fool's Day. The special menu includes a Ginseng Up Cocktail ($12), a Big Sausage ($18), and a Get It Up Hot Pot ($23) with oyster and sea urchin. The sweet finish—a Hard Banana Cream Pie ($9). We weren't surprised that LA bad boy Jeremy Scott is helping us get in the mood— each diner will receive his eponymous Proper Attire condoms. We hope it's not too hard to get a reservation.
Thursday, April 1, 2010; 6p.m.-12a.m.
The Maritime Hotel
369 West 16th Street (at 9th Avenue); 212-243-6400