5 Things To Know This AM — Sep 30 2011

It's that time of the year again when we celebrate the beauty of dying leaves—check out this map that tracks the leaf changing in New York to see what's going on in your area, or just stick your head out the window. Whichever is easier. (I Love New York)
Hard working bloggers are stepping up and getting agents, and the one of largest agencies representing these writers happens to be right here in Chelsea. (New York Times)
We're loving Joanna Goddard's NYC guide, but we can guarantee that every store on her favorite shops list deserves a visit (or five). (Cup of Jo)
Woo hoo, you can now pre-order the Advanced Style book on Amazon, featuring tons of NYC's most fashionable ladies. (Advanced Style)
Residents of Prospect Heights have turned to some creative, albeit stinky, ways to combat feral cats. (Animal New York)
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