Nude Male Performers Get Aroused, Rodarte Is Somewhat Affordable, And Christian Siriano Dresses A Mystery Woman

Gasp! A nude male performance artist got aroused while facing other (nude) performers and occasionally being fondled. Um, can we blame him? (Animal)
We hope these subway etiquette signs keep smelly drunk guys from leaning on us. And hitting on us. (Flavorwire)
Word on the street is that the RSVP-only Rodarte sample sale is surprisingly affordable, if $500-$1500 for a dress is your idea of cheap! (Racked)
The Times explains how to rack up $20,000 worth of sushi. Who wants to try it (and share with us)? (NYTimes)
Christian Siriano is dressing a mystery person for the upcoming Met Ball. All we know is that it's not Oprah, so that narrows it down... (The Cut)

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