This Couple Is Traveling The World — And Letting You Shop Their Trip

How many times have you dreamt about quitting your job and traveling around the world, Eat, Pray, Love style? Well, meet Rick and Mari of Nomadic Habit, who are making good on that particular fantasy. They're tying up loose ends in the Big Apple and setting off on a year-and-a-half-long journey around the globe — exploring exotic locales and meeting international artists along the way. We would be incredibly jealous, if it weren't for the fact that their newest project has us seriously hooked.
The pair's travel blog-cum-online shop, which currently features handmade jewelry, totes, and clutches inspired by NYC hotspots, will document their journey and serve as a platform for sharing the stories of the local artisans they meet. See something you like? You can purchase the eclectic necklaces, bags, and more from this epic road-trip, plus you'll get a personalized postcard from the duo from a surprise destination on their adventure. Traveling the world, meeting interesting people, and stocking up on beautiful goodies? Sign us up! (Literally, guys — can you take us with you?)

Photo: Courtesy of Nomadic Habit