5 Outfits You Didn't Even Know Were Better With Sneakers

We're having a love affair with sneakers, and we're not afraid to admit it. Yes, we'll wear them as part of our "going out" ensembles. Yes, we'll commute in them and then keep them on all day. And, yes, our fanciest frocks are amplified, not diminished, by the site of a rubber sole. Clearly, we have feelings on the matter, and it seems No. 21 shares them.
With the release of the pre-fall '14 collection, the Italian fashion label has not only supplied a lookbook of strong outfits, pieced together with a mix of all kinds of media — tassels, sparkle, felt, leather, feathers, lace, the works — but the collection also features a different kind of footwear. Its sneaks-with-anything approach to style gets our wheels turning, and we're dreaming up all the new looks our slip-ons are desperately seeking. Something tells us our feet don't even miss those heels. See five prime examples in the slides ahead of outfits that have no shortage of sole.

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