Did Nike Just Give The L.E.S. NYC’s Most Badass B-ball Courts?

Sometimes you just need to throw on a jersey, grab a beer, and cheer until your throat is sore. Regardless of whether you're a basketball aficionado or you just understand the very most basic aspects of the game (the orange ball, it goes in the hoop), Nike has a summer sporting event that you can really get into.
Nike + has revamped the concrete play area of Martha Valle/Lower East Side Prep to create Rivington Court, a temporary baseball court where Team Nike II will battle against the city's best b-ball players all summer long. When you hear pop-up basketball court you might imagine a few bleachers and basic hoop, but basic ain't really Nike's style. Rivington Court includes two sets of stands and VIP seating, plus a giant scoreboard and video board for in-game replays. Team Nike II will battle for bragging rights against select teams every Wednesday night (an official schedule is expected to launch next week). It's exactly the type of event that reminds us just why we love New York oh so much.
If watching Team Nike II shoot and score inspires you to improve your own game, you can download Nike+'s new iPhone app, Nike+ Basketball. Now, chances are, you probably won't become NBA status no matter how hard you try, but you might find a workout to make you forget you're actually, uh, you know, working. The app works with shoes using a special sensor for the Nike + training designs (Oh, technology. How we love you.). Sensors in your shoes track how fast you run and how high you jump. Or, to try the shoes and technology in person head down the courts and ball out.... Wait, is the future, now?

Rivington Court

, 145 Stanton Street (between Norfolk and Suffolk streets)

Photo: Nike