You’ll Never Guess What Nicole Kidman Does To Zacquisha In Their New Flick!

Here's a Friday morning news bit you probably weren't expecting: Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron in her latest film, The Paperboy, which premiered at Cannes yesterday. And if you thought that combination of plot and casting wasn't weird enough, Kidman spends the entire flick smitten with a death-row inmate, played by John Cusack. Dying to see it yet? Yeah, we're not sold either.
Everybody knows that vinegar is the best way to cure a jellyfish wound — not urination! We suppose Kidman's character isn't a Friends buff, since the aforementioned scene features the Aussie popping a squat on Zacquisha, attempting to heal a series of stings. And, in case you were wondering, close-up shots are included (ick!).
After coming to the conclusion that Efron will be shirtless, you may still find us, popcorn and Junior Mints in hand, actually seeing this in the theaters. For shock value alone, this is one far-out film we probably shouldn't pass up. (Gawker)
Photo: Via Gawker