Ultra Empowering: Nicki Minaj Strikes A Pose For Complex Mag

Between her badass style and march-to-the-beat-of-her-own-drummer attitude, there's no doubt that Nicki Minaj is a female force of nature. She's 29 (obviously our favorite number), and has skyrocketed to a rapping, branding empire (the woman has her own Barbie doll, folks — you know you've made it when...). So, when we saw her new Complex "Self-Possessed" cover, the striking photos lured us in, but it was actually her interview that made us think. Unlike a lot of celeb profiles, this one's legitimately worth a real read.
There's nothing more attractive on a woman than naked ambition, and Minaj has that in spades. How about the fact that she manages her image from A to Z by herself and solely for herself? "I’m doing it to prove that I can do it. To prove to myself that I don’t have to settle for less because I’m a female rapper or because I’m black. And until I prove it to myself, it’s not gonna matter. No one’s opinion is going to matter."
That's why she apparently freezes up when anyone tries to give her direction: "I’m an artist in every motherf*cking sense of the word. I work well with people who trust my instinct and understand that I am the marketer and promoter of the Nicki Minaj brand. This did not come overnight. This did not happen from a record company. No manager created this."
Sure, she's over the top, but we're into it. Besides, she's basically saying she doesn't let anyone boss her around and always trusts her instincts. And those are words to live by, no? Weigh in in the comments, as per usual.
Photos: Via Complex

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