Proof That Movie Makeup Is The Ultimate Inspiration

People say that inspiration can come from anywhere. But, let's be honest — what we love on other people may scare the crap out of us for ourselves. This is exactly what makeup artist Nick Barose, the man behind the mug of Lupita Nyong'o and more celebs, is trying to combat with his latest project: #ArtDrag Selfie. Through a series of Instagram snaps, Barose has recreated some of the most iconic looks in Hollywood history — on himself.
"This project is so personal to me, because growing up, my mother was a huge fan of some of these leading ladies," Barose explains. "Each woman had a signature makeup look, and I always tried the looks on myself. That's how I learned makeup — I was totally self-taught in the beginning."
As Barose progressed through his career into a full-fledged celebrity makeup artist, he started testing the looks he'd pitch to his clients on himself first. "It's a great way to show my clients the ideas I have in mind," he says. "It's an easy way to convince someone to wear a glitter eye or a shiny, cherry Marilyn mouth. My clients usually laugh and chuckle when I show them the pictures of me with the lipstick I want them to wear. But, they usually go for it, because if it looks pretty on my lips (with my baby hairs around my mouth), then imagine how pretty it would look on someone beautiful."
As of right now, Barose's project has 12 photos of him testing out iconic Hollywood beauty looks, whether it's Audrey Hepburn's pink lipstick or Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra eyes. But, he doesn't just show the final product — he lets his viewers in on the ones he used. Barose hopes that each of these photos will inspire women to go outside of the box. "I don't expect women to draw Jean Harlow's exact heart-shaped lipstick and take a ride on the subway," he says with a laugh. "It's more about being inspired, making it your own, and trying different things. That's why makeup is fun."
Click through to see the looks from Barose's #ArtDrag Selfie project. And, keep an eye out for more snaps on his Instagram page.

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