How This Visual Artist Creates Her Own Language

appearance by Nichole Washington.
In this year's 29Rooms art show in Brooklyn, we debuted our first"Artist in Residence" exhibit where we brought in 6 artists to practice in the space, in hopes of encouraging patrons to create art of their own. In this video, see how visual artist Nichole Washington encourages patrons to create their own symbols in her exhibit "Make Your Mark."
Nichole Washington may be a visual artist, but her work speaks its own language. This R29 contributor is known for big, bold designs, detailed with custom symbols.
Inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphics and West African culture, her lines and layers are a way of cultivating her voice and opening her mind to new ideas. "Creating symbols can be a great way to explore your spirit, heal, and meditate," she says.
In her 29Rooms residency, Washington led a workshop on the process of symbol making and taught patrons her motto, "Create from the inside out. Honor who you are on the inside and allow yourself to share that with the world."
Watch the video above to see Washington's work in her exhibit "Make Your Mark."

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