5 Festival Looks That Aren’t Overplayed

Everyone loves the idea of an all-day, outdoor bash with great company, sweet tunes, and no real concept of time (until the sun sets). But, the reality isn’t always quite as pleasant. We’re talking about clothing that sticks to your body, endless hours of beating rays, and the feeling that your whole face is one degree short of melting off. However, as we saw at Newport Folk Festival, dressing chic for the long haul is more than possible. Responding to the weekend's casual, come-as-you-are vibes and 50 years of tradition, Newport attendees taught a master class in looking put-together when AC is nowhere to be found. Here, scope out the looks we and H&M love, and get inspired for the many summer extravaganzas still ahead of you.
Photographed by Nina Westervelt.
The most important aspects of this anti-swelter ensemble are the all-over print design and intricately detailed sandals. These combined details give the look some undeniable polish.
We bet these wide-leg pants are mighty comfy — and with their flowy shape, they move nicely, too. A wide-brim hat and simple bit of neck bling add style without piling on heat-trapping extra layers.
Photographed by Nina Westervelt.
As far as we're concerned, the LWD — Little White Dress, of course — was made for keeping us sane in the summer heat. Choose one with delicate straps and keep your hair off of your neck to showcase look-at-me earrings.
Cutoffs may be the most obvious choice for hot temps, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. Zhuzh 'em up with a pretty boho top that hardly touches your body at all, and add boots and a backpack to make trekking around throughout the day easy.
Photographed by Nina Westervelt.
Lace is, by nature, a bit of a fancier fabric. So, just a touch of it makes your ensemble feel more special. Bonus: A skirt outfit like this one is also killer for any of the after-(sunset) parties on your agenda.

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