Cell Service Now In The Subways: Convenient Or Commute From Hell?

Next week New York will experience a ground-breaking—some would say horrific—change. That's right, next Tuesday the A, C, and E station at 14th Street and 8th Avenue will have wireless service, meaning you can call your mom from pretty much anywhere in the stations except, of course, the trains themselves when they're in transit. Many New Yorkers, however, fear that we're now one dangerous step away from having to listen to people's phone conversations while they're en route to their destinations. And, okay, we get it—New Yorkers are loud and obnoxious on their cell phones, and they're also loud and obnoxious when they're not on their cell phones. But the subway is already chock-full of annoyances as it is—from overcrowding to strange smells, garbled announcements, and headphones that leak so much sound they might as well be boom boxes, just to name a few. Will cell phone use in subway stations and, eventually on the subways, be the straw that breaks New Yorkers' backs (and eardrums)? Tell us what you think! (Animal New York)
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