5 Things To Know This AM — Dec 28 2011

Call us mean, cranky, rude, short-tempered, or whatever else you like. New Yorkers don't give a damn, especially since we're now living longer lives than the national average. We must be doing something right, and we will celebrate this victory by continuing to be loveably cantankerous. (NY Daily News)
Slow and steady wins the race, right? Check out how the humble turtle lead a once-starving family to create a thriving pearl business in Asia and NYC. (City Room)
In other animal news, this is what the skeleton of an NYPD horse looks like as it frolicks through a field of flowers. (Animal New York)
December is almost over and we've yet to see temps below the high 30s. It's almost nice enough to make us forget about the snowpocalypse that was happening this time last year — almost. (Gothamist)
Can you guess who the retail giants of 2011 were in NYC? Hint: You probably either love or loathe them all. (Racked)

Photo: Via Animal New York