3 Reasons To Ditch Your Regular Workout This Weekend

When you aren't born with that gym-going gene, workouts tend to feel like...work: simultaneously exhausting, boring, and stressful. Fortunately, New York City is full of interesting parks, vendors, and views that allow you to sneak in even the slightest bit of fitness; at your own pace, and without invoking any of those negative associations, might we add.
If you prefer the word "workout" to be less about a grueling, 45-minute Spin class and more about a brunch-focused stroll through the park, don't worry — we couldn't agree more.
Ahead, we've concocted three flawless itineraries that let you eat, drink, or see awesome things — all while doing some seriously awesome things for your body. Never has there been a better excuse to get up and get out. Now walk it out.