Would You Head To Long Island for Love?

Move over Lena, single women are the latest casualties of a slow news day at the Post. With about as much delicacy as an anvil, the New York Post reports that intrastate-dating is on its way up on the micro-trend totem pole. The article goes like this: the latest craze for the city's hordes of desperate single women, uninvigorated by the over-confident, under-qualified fish swimming in their 10-block-radius, are going to extra-urban-lengths for love. Sure, there's bound to be cuties in Connecticut, but is the commuter-rail really worth it? We're calling unlikely on choosing Tenafly over Tribeca.
Okay, we get the impulse to seek-out more favorable amorous areas –– this has nothing to do with the romantic merits of Manhasset! Our main issue was with the wording: alleging a mass exodus of Manhattan banking babes and PR princesses is one thing, but it reads more like a National Geographic play-by-play of spouse-hungry lady hunters.
Read more and decide for yourself –– do you think this article has a legitimate handle? Would you haul out to Hoboken? (NYPost)
Photo: Via NYPost

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