Which New York Are You?

Anyone who's lived in the city over the past few decades will tell you: New York has changed a lot over the years. While the '70s and '80s may be romanticized as the peak of some of the city's most iconic creative movements, these were also some of the most dangerous years the Big Apple has ever seen; many of today's most frequented neighborhoods — like Times Square, the Bowery, and the Lower East Side — were plagued with prostitution, drugs, and astronomically high crime rates. The '90s brought major changes across the city. Sure, Williamsburg, the Meatpacking District, and the East Village were still semi-sketchy, graffiti-adorned neighborhoods with adult video stores on nearly every corner, but thanks to major changes in the police force, gentrification hit full speed. Soon, the city was a mecca for velvet-rope nightclubs and hard-to-get-into eateries like Balthazar and Jean-Georges. Nowadays, NYC only continues to become more exclusive (and expensive), with swanky condos, restaurants, and bars popping up everywhere from Hell's Kitchen to Bushwick. It's the New York many of us know and love; it's also the New York some of us wish were still the nitty-gritty hub it used to be. So, which New York do you belong in? Do you long for the abrasiveness of the city's past, or is the cleaned-up, bedazzled version more your speed? Take the quiz below to find out which New York you're meant to live in. Old or new, all New Yorkers can agree on one very important thing: Our city is certainly like no other, past or present.