5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 11 2012

Perhaps you recently met a tattooed hottie and want to know where they hang? Here's a field guide to ink in New York. (New York Observer)
Looks like one occupation that's not suffering in this economy is moving and storage. Those companies profit from New Yorkers being evicted from their homes. We know everyone needs to make a living, but this is definitely messed up. (Animal New York)
Even though Central Park says there will be no more statues erected on its hallowed halls lawn, surely there's room for Mary Poppins, right? (City Room)
Looking forward to eating at Dans Le Noir, the city's first restaurant where you can eat in the pitch dark? Unfortunately, if you're drunk and put on your Sunday best, you won't be allowed to dine. (Eater)
Fashion Week is a stressful time for everyone, but this year the CFDA wants to make sure everyone in NYC is eating healthfully as they dash from show to show. We hope this means they'll be setting up some hummus-and-pita-chip stations around the city, because we're going to continue grabbing whatever we can get. (NY Mag)
Photo: Via The New York Observer

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