Which New York City Neighborhood Are You?

Just because you know one New York doesn't mean you know them all. The city's many neighborhoods are just as diverse as the people who flock here. The Upper East Side can be all glitz and glam, but the more north and east you go, the more Gossip Girl territory evolves into college bro haven. Williamsburg may be bougie-chic, but the bankers and boutique girls give way to hipsters and artists with a short trek east. And, of course, Downtown, that ill-defined entity, is widely regarded as the be-all of NYC-cool, except for some parts that just aren't there yet (we're looking at you, Financial District).

So, where do you fit in? If you call yourself a New Yorker (whether native or transplant), find out which neighborhood speaks to you by voting below — swipe right if you like the look, left if you don't. We'll calculate exactly where you belong from there.

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