Unexpected Bonus: Your Ballet Ticket Comes With Free Graffiti

Well here's a novel mashup. Brooklyn-based urban street artists, FAILE have teamed up with the New York City Ballet to create Les Ballet de Faile. The first of an innovative new series developed by DBB New York, the NYCB Art Series combines the gritty with the refined to create a new alloy of art.
This commissioned exhibition will be on display at the Art Series performances on Friday, February 1 and Wednesday, May 26. And, here's some more good news for you: Tickets for these performances are a wallet-friendly $29 bucks, for every seat in the house. And hold on, it doesn't end there. Each audience member takes home a unique piece of art made specially for the event. Tickets are on sale now, so, get 'em while the getting's good. (FastCo.Create)

Photo: Via New York City Ballet