Read These Inspiring Quotes To Start Your 2019 Right

photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
Guys, we made it through 2018.
Just knowing that should give us a bit of confidence to know that we'll be able to handle whatever curveballs 2019 will throw us. We might even gather up the guts to declare that we can make this next year better than the last. And with a little inspiration from some wise men and women of the world, we can at least look forward to improving ourselves in this new year.
You may also be the type who considers resolutions little more than bad January small talk, not to mention the reason the gym is so damn crowded at this time of year. That's OK, too. Making changes to your life and your outlook doesn't have to be an annual occasion. It can be a gradual process, or something you decide to embark upon sometime in April when spring brings you new hope, or something. Just bookmark this page, or store away these inspiring thoughts in your mind for whenever you need them the most.
If you are into New Year's resolutions, the following quotes from Michelle Obama, Joanna Gaines, Miley Cyrus can help you feel like those are achievable goals. Their wisdoms goes wide, topic wise: From finding love (or enjoying being single), dismissing those critics (or using them as strength), and trying to make your dreams happen (or just enjoying the journey). Read on and get inspired.

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