New Photo Exhibit At BAM Channels Childhood

New York can be a pretty wild place to raise a kid. Between playing in the streets and riding subways to school, the Big Apple ain't exactly Middletown, USA. That said, your childhood doesn't have to be anything like Kids or Do The Right Thing for you to appreciate "Younger Than I'll Be," a new photo show at BAM that tries to capture the experience of growing up gritty in New York. Curated by Skye Parrott (photographer and co-founder of indie arts magazine and Fort Greene boutique Dossier), the exhibit nails the vibe of the late '80s and early '90s in the city. According to Parrot, the "photos all encompass the feeling of being young in the city as it was before the big boom, back when Manhattan could still feel dangerous." Ranging from the innocent (Virginia Parrott's shot of kids playing in the street) to the rebellious (Cass Bird's flashers on the FDR), the collection brings back those warm fuzzy feelings of being young, spontaneous...long before paying rent and packing pepper spray became things to think about.
Opening Reception Wednesday, April 7, 2010; 6-8p.m.
Exhibit Through May 23
Natman Room, BAM Peter Jay Sharp Building
30 Lafayette Avenue (between Ashland and St. Felix streets );Brooklyn; 718-636-4100