15 Trends To Jump On Before Everyone Else

There's a certain feeling of accomplishment (and serious bragging rights) that comes with being an early adopter. When you jump on a risky trend before everyone else catches on — and Instagram it before they all do, too — it feels like you're earning your stripes as an on-the-pulse style star. To give your wardrobe an instant refresh (and give yourself that ahead-of-the-game feeling), we're breaking down the closet-upgrading clothing swaps fashion insiders have already made to give you an idea of what parts of your wardrobe could stand an update.
Sick of your year-after-year pea coat? Try a cocoon shape, instead. Can't stand to wear your black blazer one more time? Go for a whole matching suit. A few simple substitutes is all it takes to build an arsenal of clothing and shoes you look good and feel good in — without ever getting bored.
Click through the 15 trade-ups ahead to plot which trends you're jumping on stat (and then just kick back and relax when your friends decide to try them on, too).