Meet The 9 Super Talented Cast Members Of Westside, Netflix's New Reality Show

Reality TV shows can be many things: vapid, voyeuristic, highly bingeable, relaxing, fascinating, fake, cringey, occasionally informative. Usually, however, reality TV shows aren't chock full of music videos starring the show's cast-members.
Westside, an unscripted Netflix show that is located at the precise intersection between Glee, The Hills, and Fame, is here to change that. Westside depicts nine individuals' hardscrabble journeys toward stardom. It's an intimate look into the lives of people who possess immense talent, but live on the ledges right below being a household name. And it's also full of music videos, two of which are available now.
Westside is centered around an unusual premise. Sean Patrick Murray, a producer, wants to put on a live show at 1oak L.A. To do so, he recruits eight singers (and strangers) with different backgrounds, ages, and strengths to be his performers. What comes next is like a genial competition show mixed with summer camp activities — the nine cast-members gather for acting exercises and improv.
Before Westside premieres on November 9 on Netflix, get to know the cast — and everything they don't talk about on the show.

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