Meet The 9 Super Talented Cast Members Of Westside, Netflix's New Reality Show

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Reality TV shows can be many things: vapid, voyeuristic, highly bingeable, relaxing, fascinating, fake, cringey, occasionally informative. Usually, however, reality TV shows aren't chock full of music videos starring the show's cast-members.
Westside, an unscripted Netflix show that is located at the precise intersection between Glee, The Hills, and Fame, is here to change that. Westside depicts nine individuals' hardscrabble journeys toward stardom. It's an intimate look into the lives of people who possess immense talent, but live on the ledges right below being a household name. And it's also full of music videos, two of which are available now.
Westside is centered around an unusual premise. Sean Patrick Murray, a producer, wants to put on a live show at 1oak L.A. To do so, he recruits eight singers (and strangers) with different backgrounds, ages, and strengths to be his performers. What comes next is like a genial competition show mixed with summer camp activities — the nine cast-members gather for acting exercises and improv.
Before Westside premieres on November 9 on Netflix, get to know the cast — and everything they don't talk about on the show.
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Sean Patrick Murray

What's His Deal: Murray is the ringleader of Westside. He gathers the other eight castmembers to create a live show at 1oak. Murray has a history of pursuing reality TV projects. After graduating from NYU, a 22-year-old Murray produced a reality show that followed him and his friends' lives as young people in New York called Under the Arch (it's actually wonderful). He's friends with James Byous and Caitlin Ary.

Who His Partner Is: Murray married Andy Hotchkiss in 2017. Their wedding is depicted in Westside. In his show Under the Arch, a 22-year-old Murray has a girlfriend but struggles with to be honest about his sexuality. He comes out to his friends in the second episode.

What We Learned From His Instagram: He hangs out Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Even his family vacations are reality TV-themed.
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Pia Toscano

What's Her Deal: Pia Toscano was a frontrunner on the tenth season of American Idol. When she was eliminated earlier than expected, judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler were visibly outraged. Since American Idol, she's continued to pursue her music career.

Who Her Partner Is: Toscano is married to Jimmy Smith, a dancer and choreographer.

What We Learned From Her Instagram: She could sing even when she was four.
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James Byous

What's His Deal: James Byous is the show's soulful rocker. Watch out for his and Austin Kolbe's budding rivalry.

Who His Partner Is: In the show, James is engaged to an Argentinian woman named Yaz, but their relationship is tumultuous.

What We Learned From His Instagram: Apparently, in the time since Westside was shot, Byous got sober and grew a musta che. He also hitchhiked across the country. He has a friend named Obi Wan. He's from Oklahoma.
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Caitlin Ary

What's Her Deal: For the past two years, Ary has been a performer in the Las Vegas show Baz. She's hoping to pursue her own career.

Who Her Partner Is: In the show, she speaks about her happy polyamorous relationship with Chris Lash. Apparently, they met on a bus when Ary was wearing a red hat. Ary's red hat is a bit of a thing — it has its own hashtags.

What We Learned From Her Instagram: She's learning to do aerial. She and James Byous used to be a couple.
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Austin Kolbe

What's His Deal: At 22, Austin Kolbe is one of the show's younger cast members. He's the group's definite showman, in that he sings pop music while wearing fur vests. In the show, Kolbe speaks about his rocky upbringing — he ran away from home and was homeless at certain points in his life. He dropped out of high school.

Who His Partner Is: Kolbe appears to be single.

What We Learned From His Instagram: He plays piano naked! He hangs out with Adam Lambert and Heidi Klum. His puppy, Disco, has his own Instagram. He can dance?
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Leo Gallo

What's His Deal: At 13, Leo Gallo was signed to a '90s boy band called Youth Asylum. Gallo's bio from his Youth Asylum days is a relic from the internet's sweeter days. He described himself as a "young Casanova." The band failed, but Gallo continued to make music. He signed with Universal Germany in 2012 and was also on NBC's The Voice. One of his former bandmates did a pretty fascinating AMA about their Youth Asylum days.

Who His Partner Is: Gallo is dating Carly Matsik.

What We Learned From His Instagram: Not so much, other than he likes taking artful photos of himself. Gallo has just 13 posts.
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Taz Zavala

What's Her Deal: Zavala is a pop singer. She lives with her family in Los Angeles.

Who Her Partner Is: Zavala and her boyfriend, Lionel, made a music video to celebrate her birthday. It's what music people do! They also do covers together.

What We Learned From Her Instagram: She is super into fitness. She's a Leo.
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Alexandra Kay

What's Her Deal: Alexandra Kay is the group's country singer. She's also the group's most recent Angelino — she moved to L.A. from Illinois only three weeks before filming.

Who Her Partner Is: Kay has been with her boyfriend, Indiana, for the past six years. He still lives in Illinois.

What We Learned From Her Instagram: Kay and her boyfriend go on double dates with Taz Zavala and her boyfriend. She has two sisters.
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Arika Gluck
Handle: None

What's Her Deal: At 19, Arika is the youngest person on the show. She started her career as a child actor. Now, she's a singer — and a powerhouse at that. She lives with her father.

Who Her Partner Is: Arika appears to be single.

What We Learned From Her Instagram: Nada!

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