The World's Best Spa Treatments Aren't In A Spa

You could write off a day at the spa as gratuitous, an indulgent pastime reserved for the rich and the privileged, the same people who can afford to stay in Aman hotels and resorts every time they travel. But then you'd be ignoring the timeworn history of the spa, wherein the curative powers of medicinal water have been embraced and made use of since prehistoric times — like, literally forever.
But with that said, a $40 day pass to Spa Castle does not always a truly restorative experience make. For that, you'll have to bring it all the way back to nature, to the lagoons, hot springs, salt lakes, and mud baths that formed from the earth over time. Thanks to the power of air travel, these destinations are more accessible than ever before — provided you have room in your budget.
And if you don't? Well, let's hope you at least have some room in your bathroom, because you can still enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer without even checking for a Kayak flight deal. (Besides, who wants to contribute to pollution by taking to the friendly skies every time you want to spend the day in a hot bath, anyway?)

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