5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 16 2011

The most expensive mansion in Manhattan can be yours if you're Mark Zuckerberg, married to Mark Zuckerburg, or have $90 million lying around. (Curbed)
Marathon sessions of "Jersey Shore" and "The City" could actually help you ace your SATs. (Gothamist)
Because of Etsy's new privacy settings, everyone in your office probably knows you bought a vagina pendant on the site. (Daily Intel)
Social climbers will have a field day trawling through Native Society, the Facebook for NY's posh and privileged. That is, if they can get past its elitist gates. (Page Six)
For American Idol hopefuls and SNL wannabes out there, a list of open mic nights to practice your schtick (kudos to the confidence-boosting cheap beers). (Guest Of A Guest)