The Best Dual-Purpose Ikea Furniture For Small Spaces

When we head to Ikea, we don't feel like we're shopping — we feel like we're going on an adventure. The Swedish superstore is full of seemingly endless and affordable home accessories that range from the weird to the wonderful; oftentimes the best items are a winning combination of the two. Stumbling upon one of these finds (like a chic sofa with wheels that roll out into a bed) feels like discovering a home goods diamond in the rough.
We scoured Ikea's online aisles to find unique pieces with multiple uses in order to optimize space in even the smallest apartment. The creations span from modern storage systems working as room dividers to wooden chairs with towel rack backs, glass candle votives that work as colorful spice dishes, and more. Go on your own personal Ikea adventure with the ten dual-purpose home goods ahead — and be prepared for unexpected apartment space.
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This sleek sofa serves more than just dual side table purpose — it's quadruple-use with lower shelves and hanging wire storage siding.
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Use this ventilated steel mesh basket in to store fresh produce in your kitchen — OR carry it with you to the supermarket as a chic reusable shopping bag.
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One part bench, other part multi-unit storage system.
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We'll be placing everything from our favorite throws to potted plants in the open storage base of this geometrical side table.
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A pull-out sofa bed is nothing new, but Ikea's modern on-wheels take adds new layers of sleekness to this dual-purpose classic.
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This art easel-like Ikea creation is actually a multi-facetted storage system with wire hangers and canvas draped drawers, that ALSO serves as a trendy room divider inside shared spaces.
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Made of natural bamboo, this simple chair boasts a storage shelf beneath and a towel rack on its back.
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The bases of this glass trio can be used as festive votives for tea lights, and the lids as colorful dishes for salt, pepper, and spices in your kitchen.
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Hand-woven bath towel, throw, table cloth, or all three? You decide, there's no wrong answer.
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This wooden bench is adorned with a metal rack back for hanging coats, scarves, and whatever else your space-saving heart desires.

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