5 Things To Know This AM — Dec 27 2011

1% of the houses posess 99% of the candy: Occupy gingerbread house. (Gothamist)
Looks like the city decided to sleep in on Christmas morning. We don't blame it — some of us might have been in a food coma already. (New York Times)
Thinking of going to Mr. Brainwash's art show? Check out a preview here, or take it from us: It just looks like any subway station ever. (Animal New York)
It seems reasonable that a classic trench and ankle boots are among the most coveted items by fashionable New Yorkers, but did they need to picture what looks like a denim trench coat? Does anyone wear those? (Racked)
Who knew that the total amount of almost-empty metro cards the MTA finds every year totals to about $52 million dollars? To put those dollars and cents to good use, NYU students are working on a new kiosk that'll let you donate that extra cash to charity. Cue that "awww" holiday-spirit-esque feeling of goodness. (PSFK)

Photo: Via The New York Times