Ms. Fitz

Ms. Fitz (a.k.a. Claire Fitzsimmons) is not one to be confined by labels, though you would find fashion blogger, designer, stylist, and performer listed on her extensive résumé. While it's difficult to describe her art in just a few words, her pseudonym (a clever play on her last name) does a good job summing up her ethos.
The Bushwick-by-way-of-Australia artist merges all of her talents for truly eye-popping collaborations in the fashion and media industries. And, as a stylist and art director for musicians like Peaches and Narcissister, Ms. Fitz puts her eccentric visual stamp on the aural world as well. Whatever the medium, her work is anything but predictable.

Beauty is...
"My definition of beauty is so intertwined with anti-beauty. A lot of things I do in my performance artwork kind of go against the idea of what’s traditionally beautiful. In my mind, beauty comes in so many different packages."

Why I moved across the world for my art
"I moved from Byron Bay, Australia, to New York to do this. I grew up in Byron; I’m so, so far from home right now. In my line of work, there’s only so much you can do in Sydney, and for my particular skill set, there’s nowhere else in the world I can make a living doing what I do besides New York City. I just wanted to see the world."


How I take risks within my industry
"I only work with up-and-coming designers and musicians. It’s risky because most of what I’m doing is putting together a look or compiling photo shoots or videos or whatever outside of the realm of what’s already perceived to be successful or cool. They're not considered safe bets."

Why I stay true to my look
"When I was 12 years old, my mom sent me away to an all-girls private boarding school. She took me to Esprit, bought me $1,500 worth of clothes — checkered shorts, polo shirts, boat shoes, ribbons. I was from Byron, a hippie town; I dressed like a crazy bag lady. So, I went away to boarding school and sold it all. The way you look and dress can show the world how you think. And, I want the message behind everything I do to be about being a strong woman."

Whatever 21 White Long Sleeve Crop Top; Tibi Bee Heels, $375, available at Tibi; Lulu Frost Shoe Clip, $98, available at J.Crew; Dannijo Multicolored Earrings; Skirt, Ms. Fitz's own.
Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci; hair by Bethany Brill; styled by Laura Pritchard.

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