Mr. & Mrs. Smith Come To NYC!

This month, New Yorkers welcomed Mr. and Mr. Smith to the neighborhood. And no, this is no Angie and Brad reference—somehow we don't think those two will be scoring you awesome deals on exclusive hotels for your next vacation (it's summer somewhere, right?). This Mr. & Mrs. Smith bypasses the whole hired-assassins thing—instead the company is comprised of boutique and luxury hotel specialists that'll book you for the best in class at the lowest rate available from among their carefully curated list of pre-reviewed A-list resorts, rental properties, destinations, and, of course, hotels. And with their website giving you the 4-1-1- on hotels from Amsterdam to Zambia, it seems they've covered even more global ground than the powerhouse couple mentioned above. In celebration of their new NY HQ, they're feeling even more generous with their globetrotting advice: US residents can sign up for the site's BlackSmith membership for only one dollar (normally $20) using code SMITHNYC! After joining, you'll receive members-only deals on exclusive offers, and begin earning money back for every room you book. That's truly the swankiest way to spend a buck, dontchya think?

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