"Foil Freckles" Are The Coolest New Summer Festival Trend

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The first time I took a brown eyeliner pencil to my face in a vain attempt to mimic real freckles was in middle school. Some of my friends were blessed with the speckles and I wanted to rock them, too. But thanks to my unsteady 13-year-old hand and baseline knowledge of makeup, this task proved difficult and messy (read: lots of smudging). I didn't bother to try again — until now.
Fast forward nine years and I've found just the thing to help me realize my freckle dreams: BeautyMarks temporary tattoos by Mr. Kate. I've only worn them once, but I'm already obsessed — so obsessed that I 'grammed them, Snapchatted them, and now I'm here writing about 'em.
The concept is simple and the application process is fun — in fact, putting these on my face reminded me of the zebra-themed Fruit Stripe Gum tattoos I used wear in the '90s. All you do is cut out your desired freckle strip, peel off the plastic on one side, and lay it print-down onto your face. Then, using a wet paper towel or sponge, press down to dampen the tattoo strip. Wait for thirty seconds, then gently peel off the paper to reveal your shiny, brand spankin' new, foiled freckles.
I wore these at office all day and got stopped every time I got up, so if attention is what you're after, look no further. The instructions say you can wear your freckles for two to four days, and they can be removed at any time using a your go-to oil (olive, jojoba, or even baby oil will do). I removed mine last night using a generous amount of cleansing oil. I'm saving the rest of my freckles for next weekend when I go to my very first music festival. And you can bet I'll be leaving them on all weekend — how else am I supposed to get Chance the Rapper's attention?
Mr. Kate BeautyMarks "The New Makeup" Freckles, $14 $12.60, available at Mr. Kate.
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