365 DNI Was Only The Tip Of The Horny Iceberg — Netflix Is Has A Ton Of Sensual Movies

Photo: Courtesy of Next Films.
Pausing on Ryan Phillippe's butt in Cruel Intentions might have once been the most illicit action you could take while watching a movie at home, but Netflix is here to turn that PG-13 moment into something a little more R-rated.
It turns out that super sexual Polish thriller 365 DNI, which briefly enraptured audiences with its horned up sex scenes in 2020, was just the tip of the sexy iceberg — the streaming service is home to a slew of steamy movies to warm up your coldest nights. Netflix occasionally hosts big-budget barely disguised softcore films (think Fifty Shades of Grey and the like), but it also has many more of not-safe-to-watch-with-your-
parents titles hiding in plain sight.
In fact, the streaming service has a pretty robust offering of steamy, erotic, and otherwise not-PG movies. And because of the extremely problematic power dynamics in 365 DNI that inspired us to search for what else is out there, we've now realized that there is plenty of barely disguised porn that will make your alone time a lot more exciting.
Sure, there are still some uncomfortable scenarios that play out on screen that were made (or take place in) another time, and therefore the politics at play are slightly different than our current world, and that's definitely something we'll try to point out. But in general, we've combed through the many movies with steamy sex scenes available on Netflix to pick out the ones that will have you alert and ~feeling things~, if you know what we mean.

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