365 DNI Was Only The Tip Of The Horny Iceberg — Netflix Has A Ton Of Sex-Heavy Movies

Photo: Courtesy of Next Films.
Oh, you thought the red room from Fifty Shades of Grey was the kinkiest movie scene you'd accidentally discuss with your parents after you mom and dad innocently watched it one night? Netflix's super sexual Polish movie 365 DNI would like you to hold its beer. The big-budget softcore Fifty Shades trilogy has nothing on the absolutely steamy Polish erotic thriller that made waves when it hit Netflix in June 2020. Pausing on Ryan Philippe's butt in Cruel Intentions seems PG compared to the import of wall-to-wall TV-MA smut, thankyouverymuch.
Your parents might not have watched 365 DNI yet (or have they? They could be chill, they had you after all), but the rest of the world has caught on. The film is still dipping in and out of the top 10 of Netflix's most-watched movies, which means there are other people out there jonesing for some skin-on-skin contact too.
In fact, the streaming service has a pretty robust offering of steamy, erotic, and otherwise not-PG films, 365 DNI is really just scratching the surface. Thanks to 365 DNI and its extremely problematic power dynamics, we've now realized that there is plenty of barely disguised porn that will make your alone time a lot more exciting. While there are plenty of movies with steamy sex scenes available on Netflix, we're not talking about the ones where you can strategically grab a snack to avoid an awkward moment if you're watching with your parents. No, the films we've selected will have you alert and feeling things throughout.

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