The Annoying Problem With This Cute Moms-Taking-Selfies Video

Remember those parents who copied their daughters' couple selfies? Now, more parental units are jumping on the selfie bandwagon. Elite Daily had several mothers try to re-create their daughters' selfies, props and all. Some parents totally killed it, but there's something ruining our good time in this would-be-adorable video. See if you notice it.

It's not this mom, she killed it.

Others needed a little technical guidance. (She did great in the end.)
Of course, seeing mothers try to understand the logic behind pulling out your baby hairs and posing with your tongue out is always hilarious. But these moms know how to take a great selfie — that's not the problem.
The daughters' reactions are pretty sweet, too. "Lookin' good!" one wrote.
What's raining on this selfie parade is that the video's text basically shames the girls for taking selfies in the first place. "On a daily basis, you lift your phone in the air like a prophetic lion cub and suck in your cheeks in front of strangers to give yourself the Eastern European bone structure you definitely weren’t born with. So who’s the ridiculous one?" the about section reads. "Hint: It’s not your Mom."

Hold up. Sure, selfies cluttering up your Instagram feed might be annoying, but who really cares? In a world where, as Amy Schumer has pointed out, women rarely accept compliments, selfie culture shouldn't be shamed. It celebrates and thrives off of self-confidence. We'd argue that selfie culture could even help to create more realistic beauty standards.

So thanks, Elite Daily, for this heartwarming video showing that moms, too, can kill it at the selfie game. But let's not call girls stupid for sharing a moment where they feel and look good — nobody needs that.

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