Adorable Parents Copy Daughter’s Selfies, Take Over Internet

Every once in a while, you get a little reminder that your parents are on the internet. It might be a random like on a Facebook post you meant to hide (oops), or an Instagram photo of your parent's dog, or, you know, a photo that looks very similar to one you took with your S.O. That's exactly what happened with Emily Musson, who posted a series of selfies with her boyfriend, only to see her parents copying them — black-and-white filter included.
Requisite pouty-face pose: Check. Cheekily sticking your tongue out? Check. And yes, her dad even deigned to put on a backwards hat and shades for the requisite grayscale selfie. Check out the glorious recreation below — who says parents don't get the internet?
Photo: Courtesy of @NancyMusson.

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